INTELLIGENCE: Your 2019-2020 Annual by Eric Francis

One More Week Till Uranus Enters Taurus

Posted by Amanda Painter

On its face, this week’s astrology looks relatively quiet. And yet, personally, I can’t seem to shake this feeling of being rather overwhelmed, or on edge; maybe it’s just because I have not been sleeping enough and am juggling a couple projects, but I suspect some of the background energy I’m running is related to Uranus hanging out in that last degree of Aries for what seems like an eternity. Hopefully you’re having an easier time of it.


Photo by Amanda Painter.

We have just over another week before Uranus finally enters Taurus on March 6. Later that same day is the Pisces New Moon. And the day before that, on March 5, Mercury will station retrograde in Pisces.

In other words, we’re winding down a lunar cycle; a major planet is gearing up to leave a high-energy sign; and the planet of the mind is starting to apply the brakes in a sign known for being highly sensitive to psychic and emotional energy.

If you think about it, that perfectly describes a potentially challenging mix of urgency and waning (or compromised) energy.

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World Within, World About

Posted by Eric Francis Coppolino

‘can’t stop dreaming the dreams’ by Lanvi Nguyen.

“These different kinds of pain share a common thread: our lack of healthy connection to each other, our inability to see the full dignity of each other, and the resulting culture of fear, distrust, tribalism, shaming and strife.”

David Brooks in The New York Times

Dear Friend and Reader:

We live in the age of the active shooter and the active shooter drill. We live in the age of the president who is under 17 different investigations, who spews lies and declares pretend emergencies. We live in the age of fake news and not-so-fake news. We live in the time of public relations. We live in the time of the privacy policy and the massive data breach. We live in the decade of guilty before being proven innocent, if that ever happens. We occupy the moment where thinking something is true makes it true.

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The Coup Has Failed & Now the U.S. Is Looking to Wage War: Venezuelan Foreign Minister Speaks Out

Posted by Planet Waves


Venezuela’s opposition is calling on the United States and allied nations to consider using military force to topple the government of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. U.S. Vice President Mike Pence is heading to Bogotá, Colombia, today to meet with regional leaders and Venezuela’s self-proclaimed president, opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Monday, Feb. 25, 2019

Posted by Planet Waves


As far as I can tell, most of what we do in relationships involves compensating for some sense of our ‘self’ being missing or incomplete. That’s why after a while we notice that we ‘don’t quite feel ourselves’ in the relationship, or that we’re not who we want to be; then we get restless and leave the relationship in order to ‘be’ that self.

This Is Not Humanitarian Aid: A Maduro Critic in Venezuela Slams U.S. Plan to Push Regime Change

Posted by Planet Waves


Democracy Now! goes to Caracas, Venezuela, for an update on the escalating standoff between President Nicolás Maduro and opposition leader and self-proclaimed president Juan Guaidó. Guaidó claims he is preparing to deliver humanitarian aid from the Colombian border Saturday.

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Friday, Feb. 22, 2019

Posted by Planet Waves


You need to decide if you feel insecure or daring. It’s torture feeling both, and really, I doubt you’re actually feeling insecure. What I would guess you’re feeling, from the look of the New Moon chart this week, is the sense that you really want to take a chance but that there is a security factor to which you must attend.